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Waterford Crystal and Town

Waterford Crystal

A visit to the Waterford Crystal Visitor's Centre, home of the worlds most famous crystal, is a fine experience. They make crystal here the way it was done one hundred year ago. Stand in front of a glass furnace while a team of glass blowers choreographs their well timed dance and watch as molten slag becomes a vase. Amazing stuff.

The luxurious visitor's centre is the starting point. In addition to the tour itself you'll find movies and a gallery featuring the finest Waterford pieces guaranteed to quicken the pulse of even the most seasoned collector. Even if you don't care about collecting, the place is a wonderful museum of glass.

Waterford Crystal Tours don't have to be booked in advance.

The Waterford Crystal plant is a 35 minute drive from Coole Cottages on the recently upgraded National Primary Road.

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